Rolling Stock

Coaching Stock

BR Mk 1 coaching stock handles all the Railway's passenger requirements at the moment, although the painstaking task of restoring historic passenger vehicles is progressing.

Mk1 Coaches on a typical passenger train

We also have several coaches in GWR chocolate and cream

FK W13233 newly painted in maroon.

Goods Vehicles

Several are still in their original role, moving materials and in use extending and maintaining the Railway.  Others have been collected for their own sakes, as historic artifacts.
Restoration also extends to these, as the pictures alongside show.  The collection of restored vehicles has grown to the point where it is possible to run demonstration goods trains.

ADB 954937 Ex BR Goods brake, built Darlington 1959.

Open Wagon

Other Vehicles

The railway is home to many other vehicles used for a variety of tasks.  Some are Permanant Way machines which help with the maintenance of the the track or convey staff along the length of the line.

DR73216 Plasser and Theurer, Plain Line Tamping Machine

7508 Wickham Trolley

98504 'TASC45' Plasser and Theurer, 2 Axle Service Car