Diesel Stock


BR Class 08 Diesel Electric No 13261 seen here at the railway’s October 2010 Diesel Gala. Something of a surprise, as the loco is still in the final stages of restoration. The Gala appearance was its first duty on a passenger train since arriving at the railway from Brighton in 1996


D2152 is regularly used to haul our passenger service but was originally intended as a light duty shunter. Built at Swindon in 1960, it was modified in 1974 when its cab was cut-down to enable it to pass under the low bridges on the Gwendraeth Valley Line in South Wales, where is was used to pull coal trains.


Fowler 0-4-0 DH shunter 4220031 was built in 1964, and came to the Railway from the Slough & Windsor Railway Society. It was subsequently purchased by its present owner, and has undergone a complete mechanical overhaul plus bodywork repairs. Modern additions include LED marker lights, high intensity headlights, through vacuum pipe with setter (brake operating valve) and twin air horns.


Fowler 0-4-0 DM shunter FB7342was built in 1958, and worked at Swindon’s Pressed Steel car body plant. In 1980 it came to the Swindon & Cricklade railway on loan, and was subsequently purchased by members. It is now an invaluable shunter and ‘works train’ locomotive.


Fowler 0-4-0 DM shunter 21442 ‘Woodbine’was built in 1933, and worked at WD&HO Wills’ Swindon factory. It was registered with the GWR in 1941 (as No 211) so as to be allowed to work into their sidings. Woodbine was presented to the Swindon & Cricklade Railway when Wills’ closed their factory in 1980. The story goes that Swindon works fitted Woodbine with a steam-style chimney as a joke when the locomotive was once sent there for overhaul.


Class 207 “Thumper” 2-car DEMU set No 1302 came to the Railway from main-line service after a brief period in storage. In basically sound mechanical and interior condition, it provided valuable “off peak” passenger services on the Railway. These units were built by BR (Southern) in the 50s. 207203 was bought from Porterbrook. In May 2016 the unit suffered an arson attack, which destroyed the Driving Trailer. Thanks to sympathetic support from the heritage movement, restoration of a replacement Driving Trailer is now underway