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New engine shed at Hayes Knoll
Thanks to the many generous donations received, the new shed has been completed

We opened the appeal for funds to build our new engine shed at the end of 2013, and within twelve months we were able to complete it. Thanks go to everyone involved – they go to all the people who donated money, to the contrators who delivered a great job and to all of our members who worked during and after the construction project.
      Our members had to prepare the ground by removing the existing sidings and then re-lay them into the new shed, taking the opportunity to use upgraded material. Apart from that, there was a great deal of work involved inside the existing shed to help integrate the existing building with the new one.
Why we needed it. In the early 1990s, the Swindon & Cricklade Railway’s three-road shed at Hayes Knoll came into use. Planned as a Restoration Centre, it has consistently fulfilled its purpose with locomotives and passenger
vehicles being restored and refurbished. Over the years its engineering facilities have been extended to the point where many jobs that would previously been seen as impossible are now routine. But, a few years ago, we reached the point where the three-road shed was having to house restored locomotives as well as items in various stages of restoration. We had reached the point where a dedicated engine shed was a pressing need.
Couldn’t we have built it ourselves? Most probably, given time. But we are an all-volunteer organisation and our people were already committed to the many other jobs necessary to keeping the railway a well-maintained, safe and a pleasant place to visit. Plus the fact that we needed the engine shed as soon as possible and not in a few year’s time. But our members have also been heavily involved throughout the project.

Outside view of the shed extension. The new shed spans Road 3 of the old shed and re-laid sidings as Roads 4 and 5.

Inside the shed extension with the first of the new arrivals.
Once again, our thanks to all involved!
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