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        36. - Thirty Tablets are supplied to each pair of Tablet Instruments. On Tablet sections where a greater number of trains run in one direction than in the other, causing the tablets to accumulate at one end of the section, the Tablets will, when necessary, by transferred by the Telegraph Lineman from the Tablet Instrument at which the Tablets accumulate to the Instrument at the other end of the section. When a Tablet Instrument contains less than Five Tablets, the Traffic Manager and Telegraph Lineman must be advised in order that the necessary transfer may be made. The number engraved on each Tablet that is removed by the Telegraph Lineman must be recorded by the Lineman in the in the Train Tablet Register provided for the purpose and kept by him, and the Signalman must sign the entry and insert the time at which the transaction takes place. The Signalman on duty at the Tablet Station to which the Tablets are transferred must, immediately on receipt, compare the numbers recorded in the Train Tablet Register with the numbers engraved on the Tablets, and when he has satisfied himself that the numbers are correct, and that the whole of the Tablets have been deposited in the proper Tablet Instrument, he must sign the Register and insert the time at which the transaction takes place.

        When Signalmen are instructed by Platelayers, in accordance with Rule 323 in the Company's Book of Rules and Regulations, to caution trains, they must keep their Fixed Signals applicable to the trains that have to be cautioned at Danger, until the speed of the approaching train has been sufficiently reduced and the train is near to the Home Signal ; the Home Signal must then be lowered to allow the train to pass, and a Green Hand Signal must be exhibited to the Driver.


Traffic Manager

Swindon, November 1890.

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