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        23. - In the event of the Tablet communication between any two Tablet Stations being entirely destroyed, the working of the traffic over the section must at once be arranged for by means of a Pilotman, by the Stationmaster, or other responsible official, who must fill up three of the printed forms for establishing Pilot Working ; one of these he must deliver to the Signalman, or person in charge of the Fixed Signals at the Station ; the other two must be given to the Pilotman, and the Pilotman, when satisfied that the Signalman has received the printed form duly filled up and he understands that no train is to be allowed to enter the section until he returns, must walk along the Railway to the other end of the section, and, if the section is clear, must deliver one of the forms to the Signalman there, retaining the other for himself. The Signalman at each end of the section must know the man appointed as Pilotman, and must countersign the form for Pilot Working held by him, the form held by each Signalman being in like manner countersigned by the Pilotman. Afterwards trains may be allowed to enter the section in accordance with the following instructions :-
        The Pilotman must, when practicable, accompany every train ; but when it is necessary to start two or more trains from one end of the section, under his control before a train has to be started from the other end, he must furnish the Driver in charge of each train, not accompanied by himself, with one of the printed Pilotman's tickets, properly filled up and signed, personally start such trains, and must himself accompany the last train. The tickets granted in these cases will apply only to the single journey to the other end of the section, where they must be immediately given up to the Signalman, who must at once cancel them with the ticket nippers, and after ordinary working has been resumed they must be forwarded to the Traffic Manager with a report giving full particulars. After issuing a ticket, the Pilotman must not permit another train to enter the section until he has received intimation by a telegraph message that the train holding the ticket has arrived ; in the event of the Speaking Telegraph as well as the Tablet communication be destroyed, the Pilotman must accompany every train that requires to stop at places where there are no Fixed Signals, when a tunnel intervenes in the section, or the gradients are heavy ; in other cases the Pilotman must carry out the Rules laid down in the Company's Book of Rules and Regulations for working trains where the Block system is not in operation.
        When the tablet apparatus is again repaired and ready for use, the Pilotman must withdraw the notice for Pilot Working at one end of the section, then take the Tablet from that end of the section to the other end of the section, and after delivering it up to the Signalman there, and withdrawing the notice for Pilot Working, the traffic will be again conducted in accordance with these regulations.
        Signalmen must not, on any account, take off their Signals to allow any train to pass into any section that is being worked by Pilotman, except under the Pilotman's instructions, and when he is present.


        24. - No obstruction of the Main Line must, under any circumstances, be allowed to take place without the Special permission of the Signalman having been first obtained.


        25. - This signal must be used to prevent important passenger trains from being delayed by less important passenger trains, or by goods or mineral trains ; express goods trains from being delayed by other goods or mineral trains, and through goods or mineral trains from being delayed by stopping goods or mineral trains. When, before the Train out of Section signal has been received from the Tablet Station in advance for the last train, the Signalman receives a signal from the Tablet Station in the rear for a more important train, the Shunt signal must be sent to the Tablet Station in advance, and the Signalman there, on receiving this signal, must take the necessary measures to clear the Line so as to prevent delay to the second train. He must use his discretion as to the best means of effecting the object in view, and if he is unable from any cause to shunt the Train at his Tablet Station, or if he thinks it inexpedient to do so, he must allow the train to proceed, and send forward the Shunt signal to the Tablet Station in advance. The Signalman forwarding and receiving the Shunt signal must make a note of it in their record books. No train must be shunted for another train to pass except at a Tablet Station.


        26. - This signal must only be used for the purpose of ascertaining whether the bells or gongs are in perfect order. The signal must not be given when there is a train in the section. No other signal than that prescribed must be used for testing purposes.

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