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The eventual southern terminus of the Swindon & Cricklade Railway will be a new station in Mouldon Hill Country Park. Initially, access will be through Taw Valley Halt, due to open in August 2013. The track layout at Taw Valley is complete, and has now been added to the passenger railway.

The way in A new embankment has already been constructed to extend the line from Taw Valley into Mouldon Hill. Here it is, complete with the culvert and storm drains required by local residential development.

Trackbed Complete with new ballast, this is the trackbed laid on the embankment shown above. Just visible top right is a bridge carring Swindon's Northern Distributor Road.

Laying rail The year 2012 saw a tremendous effort to complete the line to Taw Valley, now open for passenger traffic.

This is what we are eventually aiming for! This picture was taken in Hayes Knoll station. We built Hayes Knoll on a very similar site, so we have had a bit of practise!
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