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The building and running of the Swindon & Cricklade Railway is only possible because of its members.

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Do all members work on the Railway?    No. Many people simply want to support the Railway through their subscriptions, and receive regular news of progress through our magazine. They also enjoy free access to many trains. They are very welcome.
    Because the Railway is also a Registered Charity, it provides opportunities for involvement in a whole range of areas not normally associated with voluntary work.

Tracklaying gang
Volunteers extending the line to Mouldon Hill Country Park. The team includes people who have been involved with the railway since its earliest days, as well as those who have joined within the last few months.
Who can work on the Railway?     We welcome anyone who wants to volunteer their help, whether it is on a regular basis or just a couple of hours now and then during the year.
Are any skills or qualifications needed?     Skills and qualifications are very welcome but, in many ways, enthusiasm is just as important. Go at your own pace or, if you want to make the commitment, it is always possible to learn.
Does age and fitness come into it?
   It does influence some tasks, where all-round good physical health is required (like engine driving). But, in all areas of operation, many retired people find a new lease of life, and many working people a whole new area of interest! People under 16 may not work on the Railway for insurance reasons, unless they are supervised by a parent or guardian.

All members receive a magazine every three months by post, have free access to the site and are entitled to four free train rides a year on non-Special Event days. Members are fully insured while working on Swindon & Cricklade projects.
What can people do to help?     Here are a few examples.
Train crew.    Drivers, firemen and guards. Those who know the job are welcome, and we have a training programme for those who want to learn from scratch.

Permanent way team.    The vital task of maintaining the Railway and laying new track. Ideal for those who enjoy being out of doors. Not as physical as it once was - we have mechanical assistance these days!
Signalling & Telegraph.    The Railway will be fully signalled, and creating the system calls for a wide range of skills and abilities. Basic engineering knowledge, carpentry, or just being interested enough to help are all welcome.
Engineering & Electrical.    People with experience are needed on an ongoing basis. All areas of the Railway require these skills - be assured of your welcome!
Building & Maintenance.    This area uses the general range of construction and carpentry skills many of us have learned on our own homes.
Carriage & Wagon Dept.   Needs skilled people and people who would like to help and learn. The chance to help restore anything from a vintage coach to a goods wagon.
Lots of other requirements, too.    Catering is increasing important, as is working in the shop. Then there is gardening, hedge-trimming and general site maintenance, and helping out at special events. The Railway needs to project a good image, and anything that contributes to appearance and good service for our visitors is vital.
This is not an exhaustive list, but it might give you some ideas. If you would like to help, just contact the Membership Secretary, of visit the site on a weekend. You will be most welcome.
Premium Members may also travel on all services throughout the year* and take two children up to the age of 18 with them without charge**
* excluding Santa Specials
**charges for Easter Eggs on Easter specials.

Click here to print out a membership application
or e-mail the Membership Secretary

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