Swindon & Cricklade Railway
Our thanks to BMW, Amey
and Network Rail
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The Railway wishes to record its thanks to
BMW Group Plant Swindon
for its latest donation of redundant track work from its Gipsy Lane site. The track includes four lengths of siding and associated pointwork.
      Previous donations from BMW have been used to complete the layout at Taw Valley, where a new station has been built.
      More recently, further material has been donated by
Amey and Network Rail
in conjunction with the electrification-support upgrade of Swindon's Cocklebury Sidings and the Exchange Sidings (now the operating base for Amey's electrification train). This includes quantites of rail with concrete and wooden sleepers, chairs, pointwork components and a buffer stop.
      All this, with the material from BMW, will help extend the running line to Farfield Lane with pointwork held in store for the future Mouldon Hill and Cricklade stations, and for the Railway's possible future developments.
      While there are several other matters to resolve before the Railway can be completed to its full length, these donations have resolved a key procurement requirement for future development.
      When in use, BMWs sidings were accessed via Highworth Junction and the remaining stub of the former Highworth branch.

A view of the donated trackwork on BMW's Gipsy Lane, Swindon site.

Rail and pointwork from the Network Rail Cocklebury site.

Materials previously donated by BMW have helped to complete the track layout at Taw Hill. Seen on the right is the platform that is now the Railway's third station.

Fowler 0-4-0DM FB7342 came on loan from BMW's predecessors at Gipsey Lane and was subsequently purchased by members. Here it is seen filling its role as a valuable 'works train' locomotive.

Earlier this year, and on previous years, volunteers from Amey's Swindon office have joined us in lineside vegitation clearance.

A major project during 2014 involved extending the Hayes Knoll shed to provide two extra roads. This shows the finished building and trackwork, where many of the sleepers were donated by Amey.
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